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About Actimel

1. What is Actimel?

Actimel is a delicious Yogurt Drink, available in 12 varieties. It contains ingredients like tasty yogurt with billions of L.casei live cultures, calcium, Vitamins B6 and D.


2. What does Actimel mean?

The word Actimel is derived from the Flemish “Active melk” which means literally Active Milk.


3. What are the benefits of consuming the nutrients contained in Actimel?

Actimel contains vitamins B6 and D which support the normal function of the immune system.

Actimel also remains a source of calcium, which helps maintain normal teeth and bones.

Actimel can be enjoyed daily as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.


4. On the packaging it says L. casei cultures- can you tell me what this is?

Every bottle of Actimel contains a unique combination of live cultures, including the exclusive L Casei Danone® strain. L. casei Danone® is the trademark name for our exclusive bacteria Lactobacillus casei CNCM I-1518 (also called Lactobacillus casei DN 114 001).


5. Is L. Casei Danone® exclusive?

Yes this strain has been selected by Danone’s international research centre and is exclusive to Danone.


6. How many flavours does Actimel have?

Actimel currently has 12 different flavours – including nine low fat flavours and three fat free. Please visit the flavours and nutritional information section for more information.


7. Can I recycle the Actimel packaging?

Yes, you can recycle the bottle and cardboard. Unfortunately the foil lid isn’t recyclable yet. To find out more about recycling in your local area, visit


8. What are the nutritional values, including calories and sugar in each Actimel bottle?

To find the full nutrition information for your favourite Actimel product within the range please go to the Our Products section.


9. I have a suggestion for a new flavour. What should I do?

We would really like to hear about your ideas. We suggest you share it on Facebook or Twitter and engage other users in the discussion.


* Actimel contains Vitamin B6 that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It also contains Vitamins B6 & D to support the normal function of the immune system.
** Contains naturally occurring sugar