Discover the nations everyday heroes!

In May 2020 we encouraged people to nominate their Everyday Heroes and we received over 600+ nominations, check out the map below to discover them! To celebrate, we gave a years worth of Actimel to each of our Everyday Heroes winners. We’ll keep supporting them so that they can keep supporting us.


From the simple to the extraordinary, one thing that the pandemic has shown us all is that we as a nation really can unite and rise to the challenge.


There have been countless everyday acts of resilience around the UK throughout the current crisis.


We acknowledge that, now more than ever, we must celebrate and reward the unsung heroes across all walks of life in the UK.

This has encouraged us to praise resilience throughout the country and to launch our Everyday Heroes campaign.


From your local postman delivering your mail to your favourite teacher – people have been nominating heroes who have done something amazing or keep the nation going.

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