A supermix of ingredients in a cultured shot

When we call something super, we mean it.
Actimel Supermix is a great way to take on the day, whatever it throws at you. Inside every cultured shot you’ve got vitamins D and B6, supporting the normal function of the immune system, helping you up your game. It is packed with billions of L.Casei and other cultures. And that’s before we get to the incredible taste of delicious fruits and exotic ingredients. All that with 0% added sugar and 0% fat. Sounds super?
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Available in 1 flavour
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*Actimel contains Vitamins B6 & D to help support the normal function of the immune system. It also contains Vitamin B6 that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

** Actimel 0% Fat 0% Added Sugar, Supermix: No added sugar, contains naturally occurring sugars.